Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Adventuring Day 2: Duck Commander and Magnolia

Day 2 of our adventure! 

We rose early and had some breakfast and prepared for our day. Leaving Vicksburg, MS and heading towards Waco, TX. Yep, you guessed it... we were heading towards Magnolia! EEK!!!!
 My oldest brother Adam, his wife Paige, and five of their girls had made it to the hotel late the night prior and as planned we all met up to leave together the next morning.

As we looked at our route, we saw that we were going straight by West Monroe, LA and decided to take a stop by the Duck Commander shop. We had a great time there and they were the sweetest people. We didn't meet any of the family, but we were able to visit the store for a little bit. 

I was glad to know my kids were not the only ones who struggled with the sun and taking pictures.. the 'girl cousins' as they are often called do too. ;) haha

Eli snapped a picture of us heading out! 


Our next stop was the Magnolia warehouse shop. This is Joanna's first store. It's teeny! And come to find out, it isn't open often AT ALL. So it was very exciting that we showed up on a day that it was open! 

As you can tell, the boys were unbelievably thrilled to be there. 

Carlie and I on the other hand... were SO excited!!!

After we left the Magnolia warehouse, the next stop was the SILOS! 

810.2 miles and WORTH IT!

It was all so beautiful! We walked around, I took pictures, it was November, so of course there were pumpkins everywhere. It was wonderful! I loved it!

Everything was so well decorated, as was expected... 

Those jars were herbs steeping in oil. It was so unique! 

The herbs on the wall, my heart went pitter patter. 

Open shelves! Wood and metal. So pretty!

Paintbrushes... in varying sizes and hanging from the ceiling. 
So unusual. 

And then on the wall!

Layered letter boards. So cute!

They had a small Christmas section since it was early November. 
That tickled me.

Look how pretty. 

Candles, mugs, ornaments, it was all so lovely. 

This sign made me tear up... right there in the store, with hundreds of people around me. 
It made me so thankful for the platform that Chip and Joanna have... the opportunity to share Jesus with SO many. It blessed my heart. 

This wall made me want to re-do my homeschool area at home. 

There was a Demo Day section. It was cute. 

What a vision she had! And look at what it has become! 

We walked around outside just as much as we did inside. There was SO many plants and so much beauty! Here we are outside on the "lawn" with our kettle korn... the only thing we bought. haha




Everything was perfection!

We walked around the little garden area and I DREAMED about what kind of garden I would LOVE to have! This garden was AMAZING!

Joanna Gaines is a genius. Plain and simple. 
And even though it was 3 extra hours to and 2 extra hours to where we were going... it was WORTH IT!!! 
We enjoyed day 2 of our adventure so much!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Our Adventure Begins: First Stop, Vicksburg, MS

On November 1st, the three youngest children and I set out on a whirlwind adventure! Our destination was Paris, TX to go to my little brothers wedding and visit as much as we could while on our way!
We started out early that morning with eagerness and excitement as to what we would be able to see and enjoy! 

We landed in Vicksburg, Mississippi first. We went through the national park.
My history buff (Eli) really enjoyed this part of the trip, but he had a horrible cold and felt bad most of the whole time we were gone. But even still he thoroughly enjoyed all the history here!

It was so windy and cool. But there were some spots we HAD to get out and visit! 

After we went through the park, we visited the U.S.S. Cairo museum. 
We were astounded by the size and perplexed by how that much iron could FLOAT! IT was massive!!!! 

And it was STEAM powered! 

Inside the museum they house the relics of what was saved from the wreckage. Medicine bottles, pots and pans, trinkets from different members of the crew.

It's been an exciting trip so far! 

And it is only DAY 1!

Have a wonderful day!